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Happy New Year from Tune Up Philly!

Divine and Badirah play at the Tune Up Philly Winter concert

Divine and Badirah play at the Tune Up Philly Winter concert

Tune Up Philly has so many things to celebrate this year! 2012 has been an incredible year for us. Our program “arrived” this year and we were able to see and hear amazing results from our students. Our December concert went off without a hitch, and our students played their hearts out. We want to thank all of our students and their families for making that concert a huge success. We put on over 25 concerts throughout 2012, our students were selected to participate in many partner organizations and festivals, and we have watched as our students have matured over the past year. We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for our program!

We are also very happy to announce that we have received a grant from the D’Addario Foundation. Not only have we received a monetary grant from them, but also an in kind donation that we can use to purchase all kinds of supplies! Please vist their site:

Want to see the rest of the photos from our concert? Visit our Flickr account:



Here are some beautiful pictures of some very proud Tune Up Philly parents! We always share pictures of our students, and they are always so wonderful, but I thought it would be nice to see what is happening in the audience. The pride was palpable. Beaming parents, beaming children.

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Our students work on Beethoven 7

Spring Concert – March 3rd

It’s hard to believe it, but our spring concert is right around the corner. The students will perform a selection of classical pieces, traditional folk songs, and arrangements of two classic gospel songs. They sound AMAZING!

Please join us!

March 3rd, 2PM

The Greater Exodus Baptist Church, 704 North Broad Street

One Book, One Philadelphia : February 25th at 2PM

On Febrauary 25th, our students will present a special program at the Eastwick Branch of The Free Library of Philadelphia. In conjunction with “One Book, One Philadelphia” , our students will present a reading of Edwidge Danticat’s  “Eight Days: A Story of Haiti” interspersed with performances of Haitian folk songs.

It’s so hard to believe that our students have only been playing for four months, but here they are getting ready for the concert:

Concert video is up!

Our whole winter concert is up on youtube! Check it out on our channel: pyomusic

It’s a beautiful thing

As of this week the students have taken their instruments home. Every instrument has come back to school with them, they have returned unscathed, and some of the kids are really practicing (others not so much)! For me (Delia -Director), I love to walk through the halls of the school and see the instruments in the classrooms waiting to come to their lessons. It seems like a lovely and happy decoration to have a cello and two trombones in the corner, and a reminder to our students that they are part of our music community outside of school.

Last night I walked out to unlock my bike and head home. Usually I run into a few Tune Up Philly kids and their families as I put on my lights and my helmet. It entertains the kids A LOT to see me riding my bike down Broad Street so I usually make it a point to seek them out. Across the street from me were two boys and their grandmothers at the SEPTA bus stop and in each of their hands was a violin. As I rode down Broad Street, I saw a trumpet and french horn heading into the subway station. Best of all, I stopped at a red light and waved as one of our second graders walked across the street into the Richard Allen projects, holding hands with his mom and brother, the violin slung over mom’s shoulder.

It’s a beautiful thing to see all these instruments go home.

Saadiq celebrates backstage after playing