A day in the life of Tune Up Philly

The mission of Philadelphia Youth Orchestra’s Tune Up Philly program is to nurture children by keeping them engaged in success through weekday out-of-school hours music instruction.  Through its Tune Up Philly program, Philadelphia Youth Orchestra organization believes that music education is a powerful vehicle for children to master skills that will enable them to acquire valuable tools for cooperative learning, teamwork, academic success and self-esteem.


5 responses to “About

  1. Kareema York(Clarinetist)

    I’ve Been In This Group I NEED YOU ALL BACKKKKK !!!!!

  2. Ta'Asia Math -Earth

    If this is people for people tune up philly im in the program and i play the CLARINET and shout out to Ms. Delia and Mr.Paul.

  3. Hi Ta’asia! Yes! It’s your program. So happy to see you reading our blog!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Ms. Delia

  4. I’m trying to donate a violin I won at ASTA 2011 Atlanta from SouthWest Strings. Can you let me know the best way to do that? Violin, nice case, no bow.

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