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Meet the Interns!

We are so lucky to be joined by three fantastic interns from Mastery Charter School’s Lenfest and Thomas Campus. Here are some guest blogs, check out what they have to say about their experience.


YO, YO, YO!! Its yah boy Daniel Covington and I’ve been interning at Tune up Philly and it’s been a very enjoyable experience working with the kids and seeing how talented they are. They remind me of myself when I was there age minus the reading music and playing the classical music LOL. When I was interning there I became a mentor to this kid named Hassan he was a trombone player but I’m a drummer but being a mentor to this kid was like my uncle being a mentor to me there wasn’t much advice couldn’t give to him like telling the right notes an all but I told him that the only way you can give up is if you don’t try as hard as you can when playing your instrument and from that point on he’s been practicing nonstop playing well in class and catching notes like never before. For my next line of work I hope I get to work at Tune UP Philly. THIS IS YA BOY Daniel Hit ME Back if you want to know more about me as a musician LATER.



Hi I’m Juwan I am 16 and I’m enrolled in an internship program with Tune up Philly. I chose this internship program because I compose my own music and I would like to teach youth the importance of music. I’ve done many things to help with the program and have done many things to help with the program and have had many good experiences. Like playing the piano for the children, listening to the children play their instruments almost expertly. I am ready to see what this internship has in store for me.


My name is Jasmine Langley and being an intern at Tune Up Philly Orchestra is a great experience for me because I learn a lot from my mentor and the program. Mostly I with the kids who are a pleasure to be around with, they are always hyperactive. However when it’s time for them to play they go into serious mode and I love it when they all come together to play because the music sounds beautiful and they always work real hard. I’ve been to one of their concerts and they were dressed up and played really well witch shows that there hard work had paid off. There is one student who I adore and her name is Taniya she plays the violin and I feel like she looks up to me and she is such a joy to be around with. Overall, I am really glad that I chose this internship considering I am also a musician, I play the clarinet and I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the experience of my internship.