Imani Winds Concert!

Yesterday, Tune Up Philly had 20 attendees at the Imani Winds concert at the Philadelphia Art Museum. This was made possible through the generous contribution of tickets by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society!

It was by far the best concert we have attended as a program, and one of the best times I have had at a classical concert (this is Ms. Delia, Tune Up Philly Director) in years. I sat with several of our students and their families throughout the concert. I observed how the quintet quickly broke down the often rigid barriers between audience and performer without compromising the integrity of their performance. They carefully selected a program that was both accessible and challenging to the listener and comfortably addressed the audience from the stage. It was like a breath of fresh air for this classical concert-goer!

At Tune Up Philly, we work so hard with our students on their executive functioning skills. We focus deeply on group dynamics, waiting your turn and self-regulation in so many other forms. It was amazing to sit with our students and watch as they were captivated by this concert. I could see all the hard work of learning self-regulation paying off at this concert. It was a fantastic combination of what our students have learned to do best and the fabulous concert. Not one elementary school student made a peep during the concert, they were so focused.

All of our students and their families sprang to their feet with resounding applause and one young French horn student commented “Thank you so much for bringing me. This is the best thing I’ve ever been to.” His mom chimed in “It was like they were having a conversation on stage. It was so fantastic!”


3 responses to “Imani Winds Concert!

  1. sorry we missed that concert, but i will surely be at the next one

  2. I believe the product was the actual sweetest thing ever.

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