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Here are some beautiful pictures of some very proud Tune Up Philly parents! We always share pictures of our students, and they are always so wonderful, but I thought it would be nice to see what is happening in the audience. The pride was palpable. Beaming parents, beaming children.

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Tune Up Philly Orchestra – Final Concert

It’s amazing to believe that it happened, we have completed a full year at People for People Charter School.

It is mind blowing to think that the children playing in this video only started their instruments in October. They have come so far in 8 short months. Between their parents, teachers, principal, and all of us at Tune Up Philly, we could not be more proud of them!

Our fundraising campaign!

Dear Beloved Blog Followers!

Our final concert was last Saturday. It was amazing, the students sounded out of this world, and families were so PROUD! I’m going to blog about this topic further once we have the videos posted (should be in the next day or so).

In the meantime, check out our fundraiser on Indiegogo.

Please feel free to share this with anyone. Donations can be as small as $1.  Our plan is to use this money to take our students to play at different venues, predominantly in North Philly, to spread live music out into the surrounding community. Our students have arrived as musicians, now we want to give them more opportunities!