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Our students work on Beethoven 7


June 9th – Festival Concert

Please join on us!

When: Saturday, June 9th 2:00 pm

Where: Greater Exodus Baptist Church – 704 North Broad Street (free parking behind the church on Ridge Avenue)

The time has finally arrived, our year end concert! It is incredibly hard to believe that our students only started playing in October. You will be absolutely amazed by how they sound. We’ve spent a lot of time this year on cultivating community within our program, this concert will feature all ensemble playing. Our first and second graders will perform in a violin ensemble and our older students will perform in Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, and String Ensemble. We will be featuring performances by our faculty and choir in a full program 80 member collaboration! Come see the effect that a year of music and extremely hard work has had on this group of phenomenal children.

 From Our Student Gloria:

 “Hello my name is Gloria and I play the cello and Tune Up Philly teaches us how to play instruments but this program also teaches us how to be respectful to one another and to ourselves and our teacher. It also teaches us how to be mature and set example for the young ones. This program is changing kids grades as well as mine because the way our teachers gets us to think about music we also think about our school work. Kids grades in the program are really improving, including mine. Also, because this program is opening so many doors and opportunities for me and the kids in this program. Most kids don’t get to do this! ” – Gloria (pictured below mentoring Alexis)