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Student Spotlight: Tamir Mills

Tamir is in our third grade violin class. He is rapidly advancing on the violin, and always comes to class ready to participate and play! His violin teacher reports that he is making great progress and I can’t wait to hear him on the concert.

But more importantly than that, Tamir is one of our kindest students.

He always says hello to all the teachers, has a kind word for everyone, and is incredibly thoughtful towards his classmates. He is always enthusiastic. According to his grandmother he insisted on coming to Tune Up Philly on a day that he hadn’t come to school, he brought his music teachers valentines, and played with amazing gusto on a concert downtown with the Musicopia String Orchestra.  He is a joy to have in the program, and one of the best peer examples we have to show our other students!



Spring Concert – March 3rd

It’s hard to believe it, but our spring concert is right around the corner. The students will perform a selection of classical pieces, traditional folk songs, and arrangements of two classic gospel songs. They sound AMAZING!

Please join us!

March 3rd, 2PM

The Greater Exodus Baptist Church, 704 North Broad Street

Visit to Temple University

Yesterday 15 Tune Up Philly students travelled to Temple University to observe a rehearsal of the Temple Symphony Orchestra. For most of our students it was their first time hearing and seeing a full orchestra, and they impressively sat in rapt attention through a 45 minute rehearsal of Bolero.

Later, Maestro Biava came into the audience and answered all of our questions. One student offered to play for him, stating that she was “really good, a pro actually.” I answered many more questions on the subway ride back to school, and was reminded how important it is to expose our students to live musicians! Thank you Temple!

Maestro Biava talks with our students on our trip to Temple