The Kids Go On The Road

Yesterday Paul and Jason Stein (our trombone teacher), took 6 of our students on tour! They performed in South Philadelphia at the Fels Community Center for 60 of their peers, aged 6-12. The Tune Up Philly kids played and presented their instruments in an educational outreach setting. They taught about scales, instrument families, melodies and rhythms. The performance culminated in an interactive polyrhythm game between our students and the audience.

It was really exciting for our students. Upon getting off the Broad Street Line at the Walnut/Locust stop one student yelled ” Hello New York!”

From L to R: Marcus Torres, Minyan Ladson, Rashiyah Wright, Assistant Director - Paul Smith, Khalif Winn, Marniesha Cottle, and Arrayah Brown

We can’t wait to take more of our musical ambassadors out into the community!


One response to “The Kids Go On The Road

  1. thats really nice, and YEA !! MARNIESHA !! my special little friend…
    i personally think that Paul Smith, and tune up philly, are a great inprovement for PFPCS… sure hope they will be there year after year.

    thankyou instructors, , Tamir and I love and appreciate you.!!!

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