Student Guest Bloggers: Gloria Harley and Toni Cooper

Today we have blog entries from two of our older students:

7th Grader Gloria Harley Playing her cello

My cello class is really amazing because we have accomplished a lot over the few months we’ve had together. Ms. Andrea has taught us a lot like how to make a great sound on your cello or how to have a good bow hand or how to move your bow. Also, Ms. Andrea has taught us how to treat our cellos with lots of care when we go home. Ms. Andrea taught us the D Major scale it was pretty hard at first she taught the class a couple of tricks on how to master it. Over the few months we have learned a couple of songs. Over the few months Tune Up Philly has been amazing and my cello class has been amazing. I have an amazing cello teacher –Gloria


6th Grade French Horn Student Toni Cooper

Hi! I am Toni Cooper and I am from Tune Up Philly and I play the French horn. The thing about Tune Up Philly is that it is the best music program you can ever come to. In Tune Up Philly you can play all different types of instruments like violin, cello, flute, trumpet, French horn, clarinet and trombone. We also do choir and sing fun songs. But if you are still thinking come to our new concert March 3rd and maybe y’all change your mind. –Toni


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