Happy New Year!

We are back after the vacation! It was fantastic to see how many of the children had practiced over the break. We have one flute student in particular who has been falling behind. He practiced extremely hard over the break and has now caught up to the rest of the class. Several of our students received instruments and music supplies for Christmas.

We are also happy to welcome our new choir director, Chrissie Loftus. Yesterday I walked into choir to hear the children singing in three-part harmony!

Jaleya Martin's Pink Violin that she got for Christmas



4 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Every little girl should have a pink instrument ! How beautiful that her family is behind her with this huge vote of confidence. The program is working ! This proves it !

  2. Natalie Charkow Hollander

    Of course that fiddle must be made of plastic. I never would have expected how marvelous such instruments could be, but recently at a (grown up) chamber music concert, I heard two such instruments – a violin and a cello, and didn’t actually SEE them until intermission. In this case, they were black rather than pink and made by a well known Boston maker of violins.

  3. that is very nice, would like to no where i can purchase a violin for my grandson, tamir mills, he is so very happy to be a part of tune up philly, and he love playing the violin. do the have a summer program, please let me no, and please let me no where i can purchase a violin, and how much..
    thank you much; we really appreciate tuneup philly.

  4. Dear Mrs. Mills,

    I would be happy to give you information about all of this. I will try to give you a call tomorrow, and I will look for you after school tomorrow to discuss where to buy a violin if I don’t reach you.

    The summer program is being discussed right now and I will let you know as soon as I know, this should be in the next month.

    Thank you, we love having Tamir in the program so much!


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