Concert Highlights


6 responses to “Concert Highlights

  1. i have not seen 1 picture of my grandson, tamir mills, i wonder why, he’s at practice every day, he was in the concert, he was dressed appropriat, was was he not included in any of the photos, my friends and family are asking , wheres tamir. pfpcs

    • Hello Mrs. Mills,

      There are actually a bunch of really nice pictures of Tamir in this slide show, unfortunately they are #91, 99, 100, 101, 102, and 103 in the slide show so it takes awhile to get there. Would you like me to email you copies?

      Also, here are a video of Tamir playing:

      Would you also like the link to him playing in the concert?

      Thank you,


      • thank you, i did see that picture, but i did not see any at the concert, i will look immediatly, i want to put the concert on his comp. but i,am sure if he dont see himself, he will feel bad, and my gold in life is to make him have a happy childhood. sorry if i am wrong about the pic,

      • My apologizes. There are actually a few pictures that did not upload for some reason, the photos are all on my computer at work and I promise to fix this the minute I get in at 9. I have the slideshow in two places and for some reason half of it is missing here.

        Tamir is so lucky to have such a dedicated grandmother. He is a great kid and we are so happy to have him in violin class.

        I apologize again and I will fix it as soon as I can!

      • thankyou again, because i have been looking for the pic since 7am, we need the pic’s to show his GREAT progress. again thankyou, and tuneupphilly, i think its GREAT. ( will they have anything durning the summer break…

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