The Concert: Post-mortem

The best metric I can think of to measure the success of our first concert comes of course from the students themselves. Tamir, one of our third grade violin students came up to me right after the concert and asked,  “Ms. Delia! When is the next concert?! I can’t wait!” Najalese, one of our first grade students said to me,  “My mom was so proud of me. I could see her clapping for me and it made me feel so happy!”

Shimani and Noelani Ramsey pose for pictures after the concert

The pride in that room was overwhelming. Our students attend a school that does not have a school music or art program, there aren’t school plays, winter concerts or many other opportunities for parents to come to school for the sole purpose of appreciating their children’s accomplishments. It was incredibly moving to feel that pride and to see the looks on the children’s faces when they realized that all the clapping was for them. Over the past two days (post-concert) the excitement and feeling of accomplishment has been palpable amongst the children.

Assistant director Paul Smith and I ran into the principal yesterday on the elevator. He looked at us and said, “Great concert. You realize that you have a lot of our toughest kids? I was looking at them on stage and looking through my behavior lists and seeing how much they overlapped”. I looked at him, ” Oh yeah, we noticed alright” and we could not be more proud of them. Here’s to many more concerts and to our students carrying that pride with them everywhere!


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