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Student Spotlight:Khalif Winn (Again!)

Although we have so many wonderful students to highlight, and I promise to highlight more of them soon, I feel the need to once again write about Khalif Winn. Everyday Khalif stays after the program with me to help put away all of the instruments, so I end up spending a lot of time talking with him. I think at this point I know all of his sister’s names, that he should wear glasses and doesn’t, and pretty much exactly how he feels about school. Sometimes we sing through the choir songs together and I spent some time teaching him rounds on xylophones that we play in the hallway outside our storage closet if I have a little extra time. He is a music teacher’s dream.

Yesterday he asked me to play a duet with him. He took out his trumpet and I took out a student’s clarinet and we played through “Angels We Have Heard on High” (which he is working on for the Christmas concert) together. I didn’t lead him, I didn’t tell him when, what, or how to play. He exuded an amazing amount of confidence and happiness. When we finished playing he looked at me and said: “Ms. Delia, that was really good. I’m really good at music! Have you heard me sing in choir too? I’m really good at that too!”.

Now, Khalif is a great kid! That’s a pre-existing condition, and Tune Up Philly certainly can’t take the credit for that. But what I do know is that playing the trumpet is giving him an amazing amount of self-confidence that I did not notice in him two months ago. He’s sitting in orchestra with poise and maturity awaiting his turn to play and participate. Music is certainly creating a very positive change in him (although we still have to work on running in the halls).   I have rarely found myself so proud of a child bragging about themself. I can’t wait for him and his classmates to get a chance to play for an audience this weekend!


Violin class!

Our 3rd-5th grade violin class (taught by Jassamine Chen Harris) prepares for Saturday’s concert. They are so FOCUSED!

Come on out and support Hassan, Dajah, Jaleya, Jhala, Nafeese, Dwann and Myeisha!

Drawings of Tune Up Philly

Tune Up Philly Orchestra as drawn by Anaz

Here are two wonderful drawings by one of our 4th grade cello students, Anaz Hatten. 

First Graders Singing and Conducting

A great video from class yesterday! Well done Ms. Andrea Weber, fantastic teacher!

Concert: December 3rd, 2PM

Alayjah, Divinity and Toni getting ready for the concert.

Our first concert!

Here are the details:

When: Saturday, December 3rd

What time: 2PM

Where: Greater Exodus Baptist Church

704 N. Broad Street, Phila. Pa., 19130

Who: All 70 children participating in Tune Up Philly. Each instrumental class will perform a solo piece, the choir will perform two holiday selections, and the full orchestra (including all the students and teaching artists)!

Please join us!

First Orchestra Rehearsal!

Last week we had our first orchestra rehearsal. The kids were very excited.  It has been incredible to hear them playing together. Most impressive has been the amount of focus and attention that they have been able to sustain throughout the hour-long rehearsals. We, as their teachers, are incredibly proud of them!

Favorite quote of the day: “Oh my gosh! This is so much fun!” – Dejah Carmon, 4th grade violinist after playing in Orchestra for the first time.